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Moving a waterbed

Is it easy to move a waterbedThe Quatro water mattresses, that are available with your 4D-Comfort system, can be disassembled into manageable parts that fit in a normal vehicle. The whole system can be moved by just 1 person. The system can also be built without a single screw.

It is important, however, to follow the manufacturers instructions when emptying as well as filling the water mattress. You will need a water pump (to empty the bed) and a clean hose. Most waterbed dealers, however, do offer a removal service.

We recommend you to consult the waterbed supplier from whom you have purchased your mattressb - most of the dealers have a moving service - or a specialized service centre.  In case you prefer to move the waterbed yourself, you should keep the following intructions in mind. 

How do I empty a 4D-Comfort water mattress safely?

Emptying a 4D-water mattress is no rocket science, but there are a few things you should pay attention to in order to avoid any damage to the watermattress, or other items.

Please follow these steps :

  1. Always unplug the waterbed heater.
  2. Always use a powerful garden pump to empty the water mattress. The more water you can remove, the better. Some dealers will  rent out pumps. NEVER empty the water mattress by siphoning it ( by sucking the hose) that way you will not be able to remove sufficient water. NEVER lift the water mattress  before it is nearly empty, otherwise the stabilisation layers might shift and it will be impossible to make the waterbed as comfortable as before. Connect the hose to the valve of the 4D-Comfort mattress. Use the adapter that came with the water mattress. Make sure as little as possible air enters the mattress when opening the cap.
  3. emptying the mattressTurn on the pump and start emptying  the mattress. Leave the mattress lying flat. DO NOT attempt to speed up the emptying process, by lifting one or more corners of the mattress. Keep the pump running until all the water is extracted from the stabilization layers.
  4. Disconnect the hose and close the cap as quick as you can to avoid any air being suck into the mattress again. The mattress should feel quite firm. If it still feels as if there is still some water left in the container, the mattress is not sufficiently emptied. Never lift a corner of the mattress, before the stabilization layers are vacuum and firm. 
  5. Fold up the mattress carefully as follows : firstly fold the foot and head end towards the middle part, creating a tripple layer fold. Then fold the water mattress along its width (ending up with 6 layers).
  6. Lift the water mattress from its container and keep it in a dry and clean area away from the light. Make sure not to leave the water mattress in an area where sharp objects could be lying around that could damage the mattres  Never leave a mattress lying around empty for more than 3 months. A water mattress is more prone to wear and tear when it is stored than when it is installed.
folding a dual mattress folding a dual mattress
In case you own a QUATRO waterbed the remaining parts of your waterbed can easily be disassembled into manageable parts that fit in a regular car. The whole system can be moved by one person. The system can also be assembled again without the need for any screws.

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