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E.W.P. - European Waterbed Productions BVBA/SPRL

4D-Comfort mattresses are produced by E.W.P. BVBA/SPRL which is part of the T.T.I.-group (Tilmans Trading International). We can draw on 30 years of experience in the European waterbed market. This makes us a high-tech manufacturing company with a strong base.
We may count as one of the largest waterbed manufacturers in Europe with outlets in many EU countries.

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Modern technology

E.W.P. has of a number of independent production units, each with its own focus.
These production units combine ultra modern technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship. It is exactly this combination which makes our production versatile and flexible.
Throughout our history we strived to take over the reins earlier and earlier in the whole production process, so we now have complete control over every aspect of the production.
This control ensures that we can guarantee every single part and that we can react quickly to all demands from the market. This combination of technology and craftsmanship also enables us to produce prototypes, made-to-measure products and small series.
The T.T.I.-group has developed, together with the manufacturer, the revolutionary 4D-Vinyl, a new vinyl film with unique properties. 4D-Vinyl foil is the only plastic film in the world that was developed specifically for water mattresses.

Design and development

During its existence, the T.T.I.-group introduced many improvements in the world of water mattresses. Many of these innovations are now accepted by all as standard. Our own development staff are constantly looking for further improvement of the system, in which taking care of our environment plays an important role.

Custom made products
Custom made products

Basically every single product is treated as a made-to-measure item. After all, the possibilities in our collections are so elaborate, that every single product that leaves the factory could indeed be different. Therefore, our products are only produced after they have been ordered and every part is already labelled with the names of the dealer and the client it is meant for.
The different production units are guided by the central planning department, which also controls the timing within the production.

European products for the European market
European products

A privately managed production facility gives us the power to steer our products towards the wishes of the European market, making it independent of the standardised products imported from the US or the Far East.
Consequently, we have built an immense clientèle based on the knowledge, a solid company policy and customer-friendly service.