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Sleep well on a 4D Comfort mattress

Our 4D Comfort water mattresses are the core of a waterbed, which is still one of the most natural and comfortable sleeping systems.

We produce classic waterbeds under the brand name STRETCH-TOP System® and boxspring waterbeds as Fenix Bed System.

You will also find our 4D Comfort water mattresses with many other brands of specific resellers and we produce replacement mattresses for other brands.

Visit the above websites, contact us or find a reseller near you.

We manufacture our 4D-Comfort water mattresses from 4D Vinyl, which is produced exclusively for us.
This material is stronger, more elastic and flexible than most waterbed foils.
4D-Vinyl is thus more comfortable and will last longer in time (the 4th dimension).

  • Stronger (+30%)
  • More elastic (+10%)
  • Longer lifespan (resists flex tests up to 8 times longer)
  • Resists hardening longer (thanks to polymeric plasticisers)
  • Increased density (+12%) (improved molecular structure)